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tables.php File Reference

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 table = new Pgtable($PgDbConn, "../conf/pgtbconf.ini")

Variable Documentation


Initial value:

                     " user=".$CONFIG["DB"]['USER'].
                     " password=".$CONFIG["DB"][PASSWORD].
                     " host=".$CONFIG["DB"]['HOST']
     or die("Can't connect!")

Definition at line 6 of file tables.php.

table = new Pgtable($PgDbConn, "../conf/pgtbconf.ini")

Definition at line 16 of file tables.php.

Referenced by Pgtable::alter_display(), Pgtable::auto_join(), Pgtable::auto_join_query(), Pgdb::checkUploadedFile(), Pgdb::get_foreign_keys(), get_table_attributes(), Pgtable::join_child(), Pgtable::join_parent(), Pgtable::parse_data_in(), Pgtable::set_priority(), Pgdb::set_value_from_pkey(), and Pgtable::view_edit().

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